Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home

Know Your Need and Use it To Organize Your Life

March 02, 2021 Alisha Mayer & Emily Berkley
Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home
Know Your Need and Use it To Organize Your Life
Show Notes

This week we spent time reading D&C 20-22.

This week we focus on how knowing what you need can help you organize your life in ways that help you fulfill those needs. In a revelation given to Joseph Smith about the organization of the church God began by revealing what was absolutely necessary; the need for Christ, his grace, his justice, and so much more. Then  God revealed how to organize the church, the roles in the church, and the duties assigned to those roles. 

When we are intentional about organizing our lives around the things we KNOW we NEED, we are intentional about our relationship with Christ and our relationship with those we love. This intention gives us access to otherwise untapped power, power to organize our lives in a holier and more inspired way. It helps us create a physical environment that supports our spiritual, mental, and emotional needs. It ensures that the “Things which matter most are not at the mercy of things which matter least.”

Each week here at Simple Joyful Home we search for principles, patterns, or a purpose we can use to pattern our lives and homes after. Our primary goal is to find a way to apply what we are learning in the scriptures in a very real, very tangible way that week. 

If you love the application we share please come celebrate your success with us and tell us how it is impacting your relationships and home. 

Even more important, we hope you begin to see that the scriptures have something for everyone and that if you read to find a way to connect with Christ and build more love into your relationships God will always show up in a big way to help you achieve that desire.  

We keep the reading SIMPLE,
the applications JOYFUL,
and the focus on God & HOME! 

Thanks for taking this journey with us!

Alisha and Emily

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