Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home

Present: You Love Them, I Will Heal Them!

April 12, 2021 Alisha Mayer & Emily Berkley Season 1 Episode 67
Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home
Present: You Love Them, I Will Heal Them!
Show Notes

Like every warrior mom, Angie goes to battle for her children.
Many of those battles have led her to commune with God pleading in prayer.
As she knelt to counsel with the one who knows her children best this battle felt different.
It felt scarier and came with a crushing weight, her child was showing signs of mental health challenges. After pleading with God night and day for four long years for help to know where to find answers and what to do to help her child Angie was exhausted and collapsed to her knees one more time in desperate need of a Fathers answer to her question.
His answer, 
"You love them."
"I will heal them."

The words seem so simple but the application has been a daily journey for Angie and her husband Morgan. They have spent years learning how to love their children as God does and how to receive his promise and let God heal them. These prayerful parents have so many insights and experiences that remind us of God's love and how we can find solace and direction in His example.

This week we lean into D&C 37 - 40 with our guests Morgan and Angie Dennis. This episode  will leave you feeling uplifted, educated, inspired, and hopeful. You do not want to miss how Morgan and Angie open our minds to the real live application we can find when we anchor our ship in the comfort of the great I AM. 

A big thank you to Morgan and Angie for opening their hearts and trusting us with their stories. They truly came prepared to serve and all of our lives are blessed because we have had the chance to hear them testify. D&C section 37 will always hold a place in our hearts after this episode.