Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home

Work 2: How to Make Any Work, Work for You!

July 12, 2021
Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home
Work 2: How to Make Any Work, Work for You!
Show Notes

Come, Follow Me July Readings: D&C 71-84
Our Learning focus for the month: Work
Week 2: How can we find more purpose and meaning in ANY work?
Challenge: Start your day inviting God into your work.

"You and I also have a work to accomplish. Satan would tempt us to believe that our work is not worthwhile or that we have no need to work at all. He is wrong on both counts. We do have a need to work."  Blessing of Work David E. Sorenson March 2005 Devotional

There is a world of difference when you wake up each morning knowing you are working for the Lord not for men (or for promotion or recognition, overtime, or other allowances). Doing what you do for and with God gives your life and toil a meaning." 5 Biblical Principles on Work Christian Church in Kenya

This week we talk all about how to find the purpose and meaning in ANY work, -even laundry!
We share our lists from last week on "Why we work" and Emily goes rogue and shares her "TOO much Work" list and together we discuss how these lists are impacting our lives and changing our perception of what work is and how we are making work,  -work for us!

You can find the article and scriptures we reference in our discussion listed below:

Doctrine and Covenants
72 Heading - learn their duty talks about bishops duty
72:3-4, 22,26  Stewardship, wise steward
72:17  A wise steward and a faithful laborer
82:18  improve talent, gain talent, and share talent
82:19  seeking interest of neighbor
83 speaks to work as a family responsibility, women claim on husbands , children claim on parents, church provides for widows and orphans

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
David E. Sorensen - Blessing of Work
F. David Stanley - The Principle of Work
Youth Theme

Kenyan Christian Church:
5 Biblical Principles on Work

Theology of Work:
Jesus' 10 Principles for Working
What does the Bible Say About Work