Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home

Work 4: Work that Moves You from Thinking to Doing!

July 27, 2021
Come, Follow Me: Simple Joyful Home
Work 4: Work that Moves You from Thinking to Doing!
Show Notes

Come, Follow Me July Readings: D&C 71-84
Our Learning focus for the month: Work
Week 4: How can we move from thinking about our work to actually accomplishing it?
Challenge: Identify a work that scares you, one you have wanted to do for a while, and do one small thing to start today! 

In this episode we invite author, speaker, and CEO Travis Child to share his secrets to moving from thinking to doing his work . His insights will leave you with practical tools to implement today to help you reduce overwhelm, increase creativity and efficiency, and power up your confidence. 
Here are some of my favorite takeaways from this episode:
1. Happiness Meter
2. Principle of Delegation
3. !0% rule
4. Start Messy
and so much more!!!

You can find Travis Child's book,  10 Tips to Get Promoted: Simple, Easy, Powerful.  on Amazon at

Some of our favorite quotes on work this week:
"The major work of the world is not done by geniuses.
It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives,
who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner".
President Gordon B. Hinckley. [“Our Fading Civility,” Brigham Young University inauguration and spring commencement exercises, 25 April 1996, 15]

"We are becoming the world experts in
meeting, thinking, planning, and organizing
about working the work,
but we need to do it.
We need to work."
F. David Stanley “The Principle of Work” April 1993

 “Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift,
that power to work is a blessing,
that love of work is success”
President David O. McKay. (Pathways to Happiness [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1957], 381).

You can find the article and scriptures we reference in our discussion listed below:

Doctrine and Covenants
D&C 75:6-7 revoked commission because murmuring
D&C 75: 10-11 Characteristics of comforter 
D&C 75:12 YOUR God
D&C 75: 27 Let them ask Comforter show wither they should go 
D&C 76:1-5 give, ear, rejoice, his purposes fail not, marvelous are his ways, delight to honor Him and great be the reward.
D&C 84 Heading  Missionaries reports of their labor, season of joy

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
David E. Sorensen - Blessing of Work
F. David Stanley - The Principle of Work
Youth Theme

Kenyan Christian Church:
5 Biblical Principles on Work

Theology of Work:
Jesus' 10 Principles for Working
What does the Bible Say About Work